Island of Hope and Cynics: Haiti one year after devastation

01. Project Info

In March 2011, just over a year after the devastating Haitian earthquake, documentarian Joshua Kagi traveled to the island to bear witness to the recovery effort of the Caribbean nation. Despite every reason for cynicism, the people of Haiti were often full of a cautious optimism.

Grave Context

The trip coincided with the Fukushima disaster in Japan, providing an illuminating and tragic framework with which to bear witness to what was happening on the ground in Haiti. While documenting the recovery efforts, the country experienced the return of a political hero from exile and faced the first post-earthquake presidential election. 

Broader Work

This work stems from a broader documentation process of the Rubble Homes Project, an outreach effort by Conscious International. I was invited on behalf of International Ministries. 

Why publish the work a decade later?

It’s long bothered me that no major pieces of work ultimately came out of this experience. While recently going through my photo archives, I realized how vital this trip and experience was to my communications development and how I see my calling to capture life and produce resonate storytelling. 

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02. Own the Work

Each of these ten pieces can be uniquely owned. A single NFT has been created for each respective photograph. To view active sales, auctions and current holders, visit the project on Open Sea

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A portion of proceeds from each NFT sale will be donated to ongoing Haiti relief & development efforts or agencies working to provide emergency relief to disaster situations worldwide. 

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